Welcome to Dream Tree Water

"I started The Dream Tree Family business seven years ago when my wife Jeanie, experienced a health challenge that we we’re told was incurable. All of the traditional methods we tried did not work, so I decided there had to be another way to help my wife. A friend of mine suggested Alkaline Water. He told me that our bodies are 70% water and that if you could give the body the right kind of water, your body could do miraculous things."

Welcome to the Dream Tree Family Home, I’m excited that you are interested in learning more about Dream Tree and our innovative, transformational products.

Like most people, seven years ago I knew very little about water, but I was desperate to find a way to help Jeanie and began my search for the right kind of water. This company is a result of that search; my prayers were answered and I found the miracle I was looking for. I was able to help my wife and today she is living a normal healthy life.

By simply changing the water we were using everyday, I was able to impact my family forever. I believe that if you take a few moments to discover what our Innovative Technologies and Transformational Business has to offer, your families health and wealth could change just like ours has!"

- Edmund Chun, President

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